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At ID we look at every development with fresh eyes. Every project is different. Each one deserves a unique identity. Design, innovation, features, finishes and of course, architecture. These are all the things we are passionate about. Pushing every one of these aspects makes the community-centric developments we undertake all the more spectacular. We strive to build atypical, large, liveable, unconventional spaces rather than the commonly found boring box. Creating cool communal courtyards, rethinking a corridor and providing two-storey units aren’t the norm. But it’s how we think. We believe that everyone has a unique identity and fortunately, we’re here to build it.

june construction update.

July 6, 2016

O2 is stunning from street level as the exterior works are in final completion. Remaining touch-ups are being made to the ventilated rainscreen facade, flashing and caulking.

On the inside, tiling has progressed to the penthouse level. Mechanical Finishing installation will be commencing on the 11th and 12th floors in Mid-June. The party room has been completely tiled. Electrical wiring is in its final stages through-out the 11th and 12th floors and the 13th and 14th floors are being finalized.

Security systems have been 70% completed and cameras, card readers and electrical strikes are in their final stages.

Kitchen delivery and corridor tiling for the 11th floor will be commencing in July. Priming coats for the 11th and 12 floors are expecting completion in July.

Expect to see a heap of progress in the near future.


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