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At ID we look at every development with fresh eyes. Every project is different. Each one deserves a unique identity. Design, innovation, features, finishes and of course, architecture. These are all the things we are passionate about. Pushing every one of these aspects makes the community-centric developments we undertake all the more spectacular. We strive to build atypical, large, liveable, unconventional spaces rather than the commonly found boring box. Creating cool communal courtyards, rethinking a corridor and providing two-storey units aren’t the norm. But it’s how we think. We believe that everyone has a unique identity and fortunately, we’re here to build it.

april construction update.

May 2, 2016

This month has been the picture of progress as O2 construction pushes on. The exterior stud walls, window wall system and exterior masonry brick work have been completed. Exterior masonry block work is complete on the mechanical penthouse level and balcony glass installation throughout the building is in its final stages.

Hardscaping on the ground level has been fully executed along with all paving slabs, green roofing and irrigation systems. The south terrace at the townhouse entrance has been paved.

Inside O2, all suite demising walls and interior Walls have been completely built. All Unit Interior walls are now typed and primed through-out the townhouse to 14th floor. Final electrical wiring is being finalized  through-out the 11th & 12th Floors.

All parking levels have been painted including parking space markings. Waterproofing is complete for parking levels P1 and P2.

Camera instillation, card readers and electrical strikes are nearing completion.

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